What kind of man?

What kind of man? - pattidifusa - caosconpatas

 Florence and the machine performing on SNL, photo--radio.com

June 2th---the day is marked, presale on iTunes is ordered. Once my friend was joking, that all the greatest music comes from England, no argues, even if only for Florence and the Machine. Incredible voice of Florence Welch, powerful lyrics that grabs you to your core, music, emotions----the huge tribe of band's admirers can't wait for the new album release. 

While there's still some day-counting and crossing off the calendar, few songs are available from Florence and the Machine Vevo channel. "What kind of man?" indeed is on the top.

"Sometimes you're half in and then you're half out

But never close the door

What kind of man loves like this?"

"I was on a heavy tip

Tryna cross a canyon with a broken limb"

Here's the word of the day--Tryna. When reading it first, you may imagine some deadly mythological creature, or a name, anything. But it's actually a harmless neologism. Short form of "trying to": well not going into all the messing with language, when soon will speak hashtags and shorten everything, that's just an interesting detail. 

By the way, beginning of June is also when Iceland weirdos, Of Monster and Man are going to give us a bit of joy in form of a new album. Seems like an awesome beginning of summer.